Message from The Founding CEO

luch_muchoki-picKenya Agribusiness and Agroindustry Alliance (KAAA) is a private, not for profit membership organization dedicated to strengthening Kenyan agro-industrial competitiveness. Achievable through programs highlighting trade and development potentials, broad issues, which encompass several individual agribusiness sectors and require a “value chain” approach. The alliance has recently partnered with the Ministry of Industrialization, Trade and investment to lead the agro-processing component of the Kenya Industrial Transformation Program (KITP) mandate.

Agriculture in Kenya is represented by state and local agribusiness associations, national farmer and cooperative organizations, and trade/commodity groups. KAAA is the only national private sector group positioned to embrace Kenyan agribusiness and its allied industries, whether in collaborations between private and public stakeholders and among value chain actors at all levels, providing a comprehensive sustainable approaches to increase global competitiveness, or by influencing policies that strengthen agribusiness in Kenya.

As an agribusiness association, the alliance provides access to a communications network encompassing small and medium-sized agribusiness companies, university/research institutions, other nonprofit organizations, as well as public sector agencies. Represented by a unique neutral unified alliance under which the entire private sector agro-industry players can come together for constructive, informal dialogue and action within the vast arena of intricate agricultural business, education and policy issues.

Having access to international linkages, KAAA seeks to strengthen Kenya’s agricultural sector’s international outreach through stimulating private enterprise trade and investment solutions in third World agro-industrial development. The alliance also  fosters heightened public awareness of agriculture’s vital importance in national and global economic health.