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A KAAA SME Aska Kerubo

A KAAA SME Aska Kerubo

Aska Kerubo is not just your ordinary woman but a pioneer banana processor and an award winner from the Kisii County. Nyangorora Banana Processors is a member SME of KAAA that was registered in 2006 and is a company that grows and processes bananas into crisps and flour.

Flour in today’s conventional world is made from a wide range of produce and banana flour is commonly used in Kenya to make porridge, cakes, bread, jam, juice and even wine.

With a capacity to process two tonnes of raw bananas a day, the plant is an initiative informed by value-addition, an important aspect of modern crop production that increases market competitiveness compared with the traditional way of consumption.

Aska who celebrated being awarded Ksh1 million at the Kisii County Entrepreneurship Summit in February was not only honored to have won the money but very humbled of being given the title of overall innovator of SMEs in the county of Kisii.

This particular SME is one of the KAAA member selected to participate in the Switch Africa Green project where KAAA is an implementing partner. Having attended the  Switch Africa green (SAG) trainings, Ms Kerubo appreciate the fact that knowing more about the environment would not only work towards the benefit of the environment but may also help her in profit making.

Aska appreciated learning the fact that green packaging is not only safe for the environment but also cost effective. She and her team have aimed at also managing waste properly after before and after banana processing. She has also considered having to stop picking up produce from farmer’s with her vehicle, to cut down on gas emissions.

She believes the SAG training really made her perspective on green farming very do able.  Kerubo is also in the process of restructuring her business plan, especially on budgeting. She believes the financial management training really gave her a clearer insight on how to budget and coordinate her business plan.


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