KAAA and IL&FS sign agreement

ilfsThe Kenya Agribusiness and Agroindustry Alliance (KAAA) and the IL&FS Cluster Development Initiative Ltd have entered into a collaboration agreement aimed at identifying various areas of collaboration and preparation of business plans for developing and implementing projects in various counties, starting with preparing an integrated Cotton and textile industry development programme for Lamu County.

Other project areas will be in the agro-processing area and will aim at identifying opportunities in sectors where both institutions believe they have a global competitive advantage and can grow their exports. The two companies will focus on developing a food processing hub to feed the growing regional markets well as identify resource and infrastructure opportunities where they can increase local content.

Also, the agreement will enable the two partners to create jobs in non-industrial, labor-intensive sectors as well as emphasize the development of SMEs through support and capacity training.

IL&FS Clusters is engaged in the business of establishing, managing and operating industrial infrastructure, agribusiness (agriculture and food processing) and skill development for capacity building of unskilled and semi-skilled labour force in various trades / sectors of industry including textile, construction, leather and leather products and service sector.

IL&FS Clusters has exposure in handling international assignments and currently, it is implementing projects in cluster development (textile and agro), skill development and education in and has exposure to over 17 countries in Africa. The client base includes Government of India, Governments in African countries, multilateral agencies including African Development Bank and large scale private companies.

Presently the company has experience and exposure of working in over 17 countries in Africa and has a subsidiary office in Nairobi, Kenya. In coming years we plan to grow further and offer innovative solutions to catalyze broad-based economic growth through sustainable interventions in areas of cluster development, skills & education. Some of the key projects are in the areas of advisory, area development, and sector development including agriculture, industrial infrastructure development, skills and education.

KAAA is a membership organisation established in 2013 mainly with the objective of coordinating Agricultural transformation programmes in Kenya and promoting PPP in agriculture and agribusiness. In addition, the Alliance has been endorsed by the Kenyan Government, through the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Cooperatives (MoITC), as the lead Agro-processing implementing partner in the Kenya Industrialization Transformation Program (KITP).

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