Meet Maisha Bora Enterprises

19820109_075122Maisha Bora Enterprises is a self help group located in Tinganga ward in Kiambu County that grows and processes bananas into flour and banana crisps. Their core activities are economic & social empowerment and promoting local farmers by sourcing their raw materials from them and other group members. Their main assets are banana farms and solar drying knit.They process 50kg of flour per week
and for every 1kg of flour they use 4kg of the raw materials.

Maishara Bora Enterprise have no permanent employees and this dynamic group of women who are all over the age of 35, work tirelessly to have their product out into the market without a fixed pay. A turnover between Ksh500,000 and Ksh1,000,000 has been recorded annually from the time of their existence. A few challenges the enterprise face include lack of quality packaging, transportation and
processing tools.

The women of Maisha Bora Enterprise are not only recognized as KAAA members but are also part of the Switch Africa Green Program that KAAA is affiliated to.

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The women of Maisha Bora are set out to acquire more land for a processing unit that would bring
in other products such as jam and look forward to establishing a more structured setup for higher efficiency and productivity.

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