solar food dryer is a technological advancement towards a sustained drying and packaging of fruits & vegetables by rural groups or individuals with less factory investment requirements. It is a solution towards the increasing need of healthy foods & need for a sustainable income.

Solar drying of fruits and vegetables has become one of the best alternatives for preservation and storage of surplus harvest for later use.
With solar drying farmers are able to engage in food processing activities that add value to their produce which were once subjected to spoilage as a result of inept post-harvest storage mechanism, this helps farmers boost their income.

As KAAA we are continously advocating for Good Agricultural Practices(GAP)and investing in a solar drier is one method we have trained our farmers as the driers help with a problem that has persisted for years and that is the issue of post harvest losses.

Together with Africa Natural Products we have ventured into fabrication of the solar dryers with assistance from local artisans and engineers .

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