Kenya Agribusiness and Agroindustry Alliance (KAAA) core pillars



KAAA is the only national private sector group positioned to embrace Kenyan agribusiness and its allied industries, whether in collaborations between private and public stakeholders and among value chain actors at all levels, providing a comprehensive sustainable approaches to increase global competitiveness, or by influencing policies that strengthen agribusiness in Kenya.


  • Policy advocacy

In collaboration with other private sector organizations, we engage members and other stakeholders to identify pertinent sub-sector specific and cross-cutting issues that affect each of the agricultural value chains. KAAA analyzes this information and develops policy briefs as the bonefide private sector representative in agribusiness and engages with the public sector (GOK) in policy formulation and implementation. In addition, the Alliance serves as a central platform for private sector policy input into various policies that govern the sector.

  • Market linkage

Market Information sharing and linkages is key to the Alliance’s goal of transforming agribusiness and making it more competitive in Kenya. Therefore, besides market information dissemination, the Alliance links her members to market locally through KAAA market centers clustering of farmers to meet the demand that KAAA goes out and identify. Internationally, the Alliance exposes her members to regional and global trade though international trade fairs and exhibitions.

  • Finance and Investment

To increase trade and investment, KAAA helps its members navigate foreign markets. We help educate companies about how to tailor their activities to the specific market with respect to their product slate, financing, marketing, assembly and logistics. We help equip businesses with the knowledge and tools that they need to meet that exporting challenge, and by extension, promote the trade and investment that helps us all. We promote Trade shows, events and trade missions that are opportunities for our clients to promote their products and services to a mass audience. These forums also encourage networking with guests from local industry multipliers including Chambers of Commerce, associations and business councils that are influential in the Agribusiness community.

  • Capacity building

KAAA strives to grow its members to become an inclusive body that represent the diverse sub-disciplines in agro processing. Through assessments and evaluations, we identify key areas and gaps that call for knowledge sharing and professional guidance. We provide opportunities for our clients to participate in various seminars and conferences facilitated by us or our partners with an aim of delivering tailor made programs that address the specific issues and together work towards resolves.